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History: GAS protectorate 1884; colony 1892; ZAF 1915-66; NAM 1968;
Independence from ZAF 21.3.1990 as Republic.
The first banknotes attributable to Namibia were issued in 1990.
Currency History:
DEU currency 1884-1920, GSA 1914-63; SWA 1920-61; ZAF 1961-93; NAM 1990 on
See German South West Africa for issues from 1884-1963; See South West Africa for issues from 1863-1990

Namibia Reserve Bank

1990's Issues

P.A1  Two Kalahar ND(1990s)     AB
P.B1 - P.E1 Images Needed

Bank of Namibia

1996-2001 Issues

P.1a  Ten Namibia Dollars ND(1993)     AB
P.2 - P.4 Images Needed
P.5a  Twenty Dollars ND(1996)
P.6 - P.10   Images Needed

2003 Issues

P.11c  Ten Namibia Dollars 2015     AB
P.12b  Twenty dollars 2013     YURI

2013-19 Issues

P.13 - P.19   Images Needed

Commemoraitive Issue

P.18 Thirty Dollars 2020 *
All later Issues Images Needed

Collector Series

P.CS1 - P.CS2 Images Needed

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 * ARTICLE by Karol Bogucki

Namibia Commemorative Banknotes:  "Special Banknote for Special Memory”

The most popular themes put in commemorative banknotes are connected with National Independence or with opening the national central bank or with national currency. Special historical memories for each country appear in commemorative banknotes too, but this theme is rare. Very interesting theme for commemorative banknote was chosen by Namibia. That was “the three Decades of Peace and Stability” and for this anniversary was used the special nominal of 30.

From 1882, an influx of German settlers took place in Namibia. Four years later, German Southwest Africa was established. As a result of German colonial policy, the population decreased by about 75%. In 1908 diamond deposits were discovered here, which increased the influx of European population. In 1949 Namibia was annexed by the RSA. In 1960 the South West African People's Organisation (SWAPO) was established. The organization was headed by Sam Nujoma. Six years later the War of Independence began. In 1973 the UN and the Organization of African Unity recognized SWAPO as the only representative of the Namibian people. In 1975, RSA initiated a policy of understanding with African tribal aristocracy and moderate activists, seeking to maintain control over the country's natural resources and to ensure that the white minority settlers have a decisive influence on political life. In 1978, parliamentary elections were held, boycotted by the most numerous Negro organisations. In 1982, the government of RSA started direct negotiations, which resulted in a ceasefire between the warring parties. In 1988 a breakthrough in negotiations took place. It was agreed to hold general elections under UN supervision in 1989. In the newly elected Constituent Assembly, the majority of seats were given to SWAPO. A year later, the Assembly adopted a constitution guaranteeing a multi-party system and elected Sam Nujoma as President. On March 21, 1990, he proclaimed the independent Republic of Namibia. In 1992 Namibia concluded an agreement with South Africa on a common border with South Africa.

Actual, 2020 year is very special for Namibia, because in this year is the 30th anniversary of fully Impendence. For this opportunity, was prepared by Bank of Namibia the Special banknote of 30 Namibia Dollars. This banknote has two titles showed in the front of banknote “the 30th Independence Anniversary” and “the three Decades of Peace and Stability”. The new banknote is printed on a smooth, secure and durable material known as polymer. In the front of banknote are showed three presidents of Namibia: Sam Nujoma (1990-2005), Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba (2005-2015) and current president Hage Geingob. Back of the banknote shows the most popular animal meet in Namibia - Rhinoceros. Definitely more interesting are used the special securities for this banknote, which have three special themes: look, feel, tilt. Like a look were used: the acronym Bank of Namibia on the obverse of the note, the dynamic effect between the diamond-shaped window and the value 30 with gold ink and the image of the Black Rhino printed on the window. Like a feel were used: the Braille dots for the visually impaired and the raised print on the portraits of the three presidents. Like a tilt were used: the green to gold colour change effect in the Bank of Namibia’s logo, the gold band containing the Bank of Namibia’s logo and the value 30 and the colour change from gold to blue in the patterns inside the large window.

For Namibia the lucky numbers are actually three and thirty. The first one like a memory of presidents who are working well for actual neutral Namibia and three main themes of securities. The second one remind the number of anniversary which is put in nominal and this is making that note the special one in commemorative banknotes being the debut of Namibia in this way of Numismatist.


YURI    We gratefully acknowledge renowned eBay dealer YURI for these images.

OY    We gratefully acknowledge dealer ÖMER YALCINKAYA for providing these images.

Note: SPECIMEN in Black is required by the Bank of Namibia
 and does not denote a Specimen as normally known by collectors.

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