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A Nigerian politician was arrested with $500,000USD in the trunk of his car on election eve. A member of the opposition party, he also had a list of the people to give the money to.

Nigeria issued a new series, dated 2022 with different colours and added security features of the 200, 500 and 1,000 Naira 2022 notes. Reportedly to make it harder for politicians to bribe voters, while the Central Bank states they were issued to curb soaring inflation, cash hoarding and counterfeiting.

However, not enough of the new notes are in circulation, leading to widespread anger and frustration. People have been queuing for hours outside banks in order to get cash, often without success, while some have attacked banks.

The deadline had been extended when the old notes must be turned in at a local bank. However, many Nigerians do not have bank accounts, which is required when turning in the old notes. The government said those without bank accounts can convert them to the eNaira, their digital currency!

All Nigeria banknotes

Tomorrow UKRAINE will issue a new 20 Hryvnia banknote to commemorate
the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.  2.23.2023
P.New 20 Hryvnia 2023

Possible design for new Australia Fiver?


Instead the Central Bank announced that the First Australians
or Indigenous People will be honoured on the new fiver which
will be out in a few years, after extensive consultation with the
First Australians.

First Australians have been lobbying for formal recognition
since 1910 and while they have had their images appear on
postage stamps and coins but getting on a $5 banknote
has added significance.

Interesting that evidence of a single human migration out of
Africa was
confirmed that Aboriginal Australians are the world's
oldest civilization, traced back about 59,000 years ago...
and now they appear again on a banknote.

Child Photo Credit: Ingetje Tadros/Getty Images

CROATIA stopped using the Kuna Jan.1 2023 and now only uses
the Euro as their currency. This allows them to join the Schengen Area
which is expected to bring more tourism with the easy border access.

Another Woman in Power, Felicidades!

Chief of State, Prez:
Dina BOLUARTE 7.12. 2022 >

Another Woman in Power, Felicitazioni!

Head of Gouvernment, Prime Minister:
Giorgia MELONI 10.22.
2022 >

New Great Britain Charles III Commemorative Coins

The first coins were struck today 28/10/2022 at
The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales.


Top 10 Strongest Currencies in the World,
KUWAIT Dinar is No.1


Remembering 9/11

Sad to see Queen Elizabeth II
Passed Away Today, September 9, 2022


A Woman Head of State,
President of HUNGARY:


Katalin Eva Novák

A Woman Head of State,
President of INDIA

Droupadi MURMU

Another Woman Heading Up a Gouvernment:

Great Britain Head of Gouvernment, Prime Minister:
 Mary Elizabeth TRUSS 5.9.2022 - 25.10.2022


Latest Fiji "Numismatic Banknote"

Fiji P.New 88 Cents ND(2022) No.AB00000001 Back


Fiji P.New 88 Cents ND(2022)



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