Eduardo Galeano, renowned Uruguayan author passed away on 14.4.2015 at age 74. His most famous book, "Las venas abiertas de América Latina" (Open Veins of Latin America) was given to President Obama by the then Venezuela President Hugo Chavez at the 2009 Summit of the Americas in a mocking gesture.

Open Veins of Latin America, published in 1971, was a harsh critique of the exploitation of Latin America by European powers and the USA. Galeano was banned from Uruguay in the 1970's by the military dictatorship when he fled first to Argentina and later to Spain. He returned to his birthplace, Montevideo in 1985. In 2014 he recounted writing Open Veins saying he regretted some aspects of his writing as time has passed.

The above note was privately designed as a commemoration to Galeano.              
GSE 14.3.2015

Ricardo Magan published his excellent work, Latin American Bank Notes Records in 2005 with only 500 copies printed. The book was meticulously prepared from the American Bank Note Company archives records from 1865 to 1965.

Over two thousand banknote types are catalogued which were issued by over 270 banks and government authorities from 20 Latin American countries. There are hundreds of high quality illustrations which depict the great beauty of these classical period issues. Ricardo also was very detailed and included the original production quantities, serial and series numbers, dates, signatures, secret marks and other reference information not found anywhere else.

This book originally sold for $42. Thanks Ricardo for producing such an outstanding reference and for now making the complete book available free online to everyone!
GSE 6.4.2015

Miguel Chirinos,  a prolific author, has  just completed another interesting article, this time on "Historic Maps on Latin American Banknotes" Miguel is originally from Venezuela, but has been living with his family in the USA since 1996. His numismatic interests extend beyond collecting to include historical research. He has been contributing articles about Latin American paper money to several numismatic societies for the past two decades.

Some other recent articles that Miguel published were USA - Panama $50 Commemorative issue of 1914, Venezuela's Leper Colony currency, Lighthouses on World Banknotes and First in Flight - Centennial Celebration of the First Flight.

The Maps article was first published in the IBNS Journal and was enhanced in 2015 for the IBNS-NC Chapter.
I look forward to many more great articles from Miguel.            GSE 28.3.2015

16,203 banknotes from 395  "countries" in 6338 pages are now listed; last update: 18 November 2014
Current Countries, 145 Former, Terr., Unrecog.,Currency Unions, 30 Local currency Issues, 17 Fantasy Issues

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A new chapter of the International Bank Note Society was formed on  27.3.2014 in the USA state of North Carolina under the leadership of Austin Mattox, Vice President of Mattox Coins & Stamps.

Membership is currently free and is not limited to IBNS members. The chapter would particularly like to encourage young people interested in this fascinating area to join in a new world exploration, as seen from the unique perspective of paper money.

IBNS and Chapter member Miguel Chirinos, a Latin America researcher and author has just published his latest article on Venezuela's Leper Colony currency. Read it here. He also just  finished a beautifully illustrated articles on the little known USA - Panama $50 Commemorative issue of 1914, Lighthouses on World Banknotes and Historical Maps on Latin American Banknotes.

Meetings are held monthly in the Triangle Area of NC  but interested parties from other areas may also join. Contact us for additional info. 

 20.1..2015  GSE

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