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GEORGIA Banknotes, 1919 > Issues


History: 1491 Kingdom GEO; 1505 IRN; 1516 TUR; 1801 RUS; 1844 Caucasas; 1918 RUS; 9.4.1990 Republic of Georgia;
1991 S.Ossetia declares indep.; 1992 ABZ declares indep.; 2008 RUS occupies S.Ossetia/ABZ

Currency History: RUS currency 1810-1918, 1924-1993; GEO 1919-21, 1993 >
The first banknotes attributable to independent Georgia were issued in 1919, again starting in 1993.



Proclaimed 26.5.1918; Independence recognized 7.5.1920 by RUS

Local Issues

Images Needed N10 N.10, P.UNL 10 Rubles 1920 Batum(Batumi) City Government
Images Needed N20 N.20, P.UNL 100,000 Rubles 1921 Kutais & Tiflis(Tblisi) City Governments

Regular Issues

GEORGIA, 1919(1920) 1 P.1 - P.5 25 - 5,000 Rubles 1919(1920) Treasury Bond Issues
GEORGIA, 1919 6 P.6 - P.15 50 Kopeks - 5,000 Rubles 1919  State Note Issues

Socialist Conciliar Republic of Georgia

Established 25.2.1921
S761 P.S761 - P.S769 5,000 - 5,000,000 Rubles 1918-22 Georgian Treasury Bonds
Banque Nationale de Georgie

Federative Union of SSR Transcaucasia

Established 12.3.1922

Transcaucasia SFSR

Established 30.12.1922

Georgia Soviet Socialist Republic

GEO SSR established 5.12.1936
RUS banknotes used from 1922-93
rusP.S761c5000Rubles1921.jpg rusP.S762c10000Rubles1922.jpg rusP.S628500000Rubles1923.jpg rusP.170_1000_Rubles_1923.jpg rusP.18325000Rubles19231924.jpg rusP.188s_5_GoldRubles_1924_r.jpg


Independence from Soviet Union on 9.4.1991
GEORGIA, 1993 1st COUPON Issue 25 P.25 - P.32 5 - 10,000 Laris 1993 Georgian National Bank
GEORGIA, 1993 2nd COUPON Issue 33 P.33 - P.38 1 - 100 Laris 1993 Georgian National Bank
GEORGIA, 1993 3rd COUPON Issue 39 P.39 - P.42 10,000 - 100,000 Laris 1993 Georgian National Bank
GEORGIA, 1993 4th COUPON Issue 43 P.43 - P.46 200 - 20,000 Laris 1993 Georgian National Bank
GEORGIA, 1994 47 P.47 - P.52 30,000 - 1,000,000 Laris 1994 Georgian National Bank

Privatization Vouchers

GEORGIA, 1994 Privatization Vouchers 52A P.52A Various Denominations 1994 Republic of Georgia

Regular Issues

GEORGIA, 1995 53 P.53 - P.60 1 - 500 Laris 1995 Georgian National Bank
61 P.61 - P.67 1 - 100 Laris 1999 Georgian National Bank
GEORGIA, 2002-07 68 P.68 - P.75 1 - 200 Laris 2002-07 Georgian National Bank
76 P.76 - P.80 5 - 200 Laris 2016-21 Georgian National Bank
Images Needed New P.New ? When Issued Georgian National Bank
For related political entities see Abkhazia and South Ossetia..



Georgia [საქართველო] and Russia [Российская Федерация] agreed on March 2, 2011 to open the KazQueen Tamarabegi-Zemo Larsi border.

Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and continues to occupy
Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russia claims their troops entered South Ossetia in response to a Georgian troops entering the area. Georgia says it was in response to escalating South Ossetia attacks and Russian attacks on Georgian territory. Whose was right?  We'd appreciate hearing opinions on this and also on the situation on the ground in this volatile and strategically important region of the world.

We current
Ana Uchaneishvilily have 59 banknotes displayed from Georgia including the 50 Lari of 2004 which depicts Queen Tamar, the first woman to rule the country. She was able to consolidate her empire dominating the Caucasus from 1184-1213.

In keeping with our goal to highlight  important woman, Ana Uchaneishvili was Georgia Chief Staff Advisor to former Prime Minister
Nikoloz "Nika" GILAURI. She served as Assistant to the Minister of Energy and Head of the Staff of the Minister of Finance. She is currently Head of Apparatus for the Prime Minister.  

Banknote image provided by
Ímer Yalcinkaya.    30.6.2014


The Messenger

Georgia - Russia Agree on Border Opening

Tbilisi Unveils Draft of its S.Ossetia, Abkhaz Strategy

National Bank of Georgia (Central Bank)

Georgia Government

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