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1810 > Issues




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President SOT:
Anatoliy I.
21.4.2017 >

Gennadiy B.

29.8.2020 >
* Not Recognized by NATO

Respublikę Khussar Iryston, South Ossetia Banknotes, 1810 > Issues

· Republic of South Ossetia

History: 1775 RUS protectorate; 1801 RUS; 1922 SOT Aut. Oblast within GEO SSR; 1990 declared Rep.of RUS; 1991 Rep. SOT
Currency History: RUS currency 1810-1918, 1924-1993; GEO 1919-21; RUS 1991 >
No banknotes attributable to independent South Ossetia have been issued

 Pоссийская Империя
 Russian Empire

1775 RUS protectorate; 1801 RUS
RUS currency 1810-1918, 1924-1993; GEO 1919-21; RUS 1991 >

Sakartvelos Demokratiuli Respublika

Proclaimed 26.5.1918; Independence recognized 7.5.1920 by RUS
geoP.125Rubles15.6.1919.jpg geoP.2100Rubles15.1.1919.jpg geoP.3500Rubles15.6.1919.jpg geoP.41000Rubles1.1.1919.jpg geoP.S7681000000Rubles1922.jpg
geoP.650Kopeks1919OS.jpg geoP.71Ruble1919OS.jpg geoP.83Rubles1919.jpg geoP.95Rubles1919OS.jpg geoP.1010Rubles1919OS.jpg
geoP.1150Rubles1919OS.jpg geoP.1210Rubles1919OS.jpg geoP.13b500Rubels1919RS.jpg geoP.141000Rubles1919OS.jpg geoP.15b5000Rubles1921OS.jpg

Federative Union of SSR Transcaucasia,
Transcaucasia SFSR

Proclaimed 26.5.1918; Indep.recognized 7.5.1920 by RUS; Invaded and occupied 25.2.1921 by RUS   


1491 Kingdom GEO; 1505 IRN; 1516 TUR; 1801 RUS; 1844 Caucasas; 1918 RUS;  1990 GEO;
1991 S.Ossetia declares indep.; 1992 ABZ declares indep.; 2008 RUS Occup. S.Ossetia/ABZ
RUS currency 1810-1918, 1924-1993; GEO 1919-21, RUS 1993 
South Ossetia is located in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia.

  Южная Осетия
 Republic of South Ossetia

26.11.1991 Republic of  South Ossetia
South Ossetia uses the Russian Ruble as its currency.


South Ossetia declared it's independence from Georgia on 26.11.1991. As of 4.1.2010, Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru have recognized South Ossetia.

Georgia does not recognize the independence of South Ossetia or Abkhazia. It has been reported by stevenbron.nl that South Ossetia may issue their own banknotes.

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