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Ακρωτήρι και Δεκέλεια - AKROTIRI Banknotes, 1822 > Issues

Ακρωτήρι και Δεκέλεια
Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri & Dhekelia

History: 1745-85 TUR; 1822-40 EGY; 1861-78 TUR; 1878-1914 GBR; AKR 1960
Currency history: GBR 1822-40;  TUR  1840-1914; CYP 1914 - 2008; EUR 2008>

GBR banknotes used from 1822-40
Great Britain, 1694-1778 Great Britain, 1778-1805 Great Britain, 1807-93

Akrotiri used
TUR currency from 1840-1914

Akrotiri used CYP currency from 1914-2008

Akoritiri began using the Euro as its currency on 1.1.2008



Akrotiri (Santorini) is located on the island of Cyprus and is a British Overseas Territory. The territory comprises two areas Akrotiri SBA, or the "Western Sovereign Base Area" (or WSBA), which includes two main bases at RAF Akrotiri and Episkopi Cantonment, plus all of Akrotiri Village's district (including Limassol Salt Lake) and parts of eleven other village districts. The other Area is Dhekelia SBA, or the "Eastern Sovereign Base Area" (or Akrotiri and Dhekelia Sovereign Base Areas shown in pink.ESBA), which includes a base at Ayios Nikolaos plus parts of twelve village districts.

The Sovereign Base Areas were created in 1960 by the Treaty of Establishment, when Cyprus achieved independence from the British Empire. The United Kingdom desired to retain sovereignty over these areas, as this guaranteed the use of UK military bases in Cyprus, including RAF Akrotiri, and a garrison of the British Army.
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