How much are my banknotes worth?

Although there are catalogs which report retail values of banknotes, they are notoriously inaccurate or out-of-date. A banknote is really worth how much someone will pay for it.

a) Contact the collectors or dealers who have
Free Ads on this site as a possible source for an answer.
b) Check the value on eBay. Enter the country of the banknotes and look for a similar note.
c)  If you don't get your answer and want us to provide an assessment of the value, make a small
donation ($1 or so) to support this non-commercial site and we will provide our assessment. If the value of your notes are less than $1 you will not be charged.

Most of these donations and other site donations made to Numismondo are given to our favourite charities - Food For The Poor and the Kakok Foundation. A portion is used to fund this sites hosting-domain expenses.


Will you buy my banknotes?

We do not buy or sell banknotes. Contact the collectors or dealers who have
Free Ads on this site. If you don't get the help you want, email us and we may be able to recommend someone.



Can I buy the banknotes shown on Numismondo?

Most of the banknotes shown on Numismondo are just images that have been submitted by contributors, however, there may be some that are for sale by the owners. The contributors are listed below each section. If you have interest in a particular banknote, we can contact the contributor on your behalf if the contributors email is not listed.



Can you identify or provide background information about my banknotes?

Make a small
donation ($1 or so) to support this non-commercial site and we will provide what information we can. All donations made to Numismondo for this service are given to our favourite charities - Food For The Poor and the Kakok Foundation.



Can you display my banknotes on the Numismondo site?

We do accept contributed images when we don't already have a similar image on the site. In some small cases we may display more than one image of the same note for various reasons. See our image scan procedure if you wish to contribute banknote images.



Can you tell me the exchange value of my banknotes?

We suggest you try a foreign exchange website or look on the Central Bank website for info about your banknotes. If you need help in identifying your banknotes, make a small
donation ($1 or so) to support this non-commercial site and we will provide what information we can. All donations made to Numismondo for this service are given to our favourite charities - Food For The Poor and the  Kakok Foundation.  



Do you accept paid advertisements or exchange links on this website?

We do not accept paid banner ads but do offer Free Ads and links of interest to collectors and dealers. We will consider embedded links and text for worthwhile causes. Please write us for more info with your specific requests.



Is Numismondo considered an "Official Website" for any government or organization?

No. This is a non-commercial website published by an individual entity.

This display of banknotes is for educational, hobby and informational purposes and as such, no recognition or support for any group is implied or intended. This site is not affiliated with the United Nations or any other political organization. It is our choice as to which banknotes are displayed and we welcome suggestions and comments from visitors. Our long term goal is to have all banknotes from every issuing authority listed on this site.

We have been made aware of the political implications of displaying banknotes from certain entities and we will carefully consider this policy. We welcome comments on any banknotes displayed.



Can I use the images from this website?

Please email us with your requests.

We get many requests from students, scholars, collectors and others for use of our scans for various commercial and non-commercial purposes. In most cases we can comply with these requests, however, we do not own the copyright to many of the images and permission must be obtained from the copyright owner.



Can I use the articles from this website?

The site and all articles are copyrighted. If you want to use some of the site content, please write us.

Generally, we permit you to print or download reasonable portions of the content when our permission is granted for "ordinary personal or business purposes". When the purpose is "educational and non-commercial" insubstantial portions may be used with our permission. In each case our copyright notice and the original source attribution and a link to this site must be indicated.



How do you choose which country's banknotes to display or highlight?

There is not a particular order but rather which countries are in the headlines or countries that peak our interest.. We also prefer to work with numismatist and banknote collectors who submit images resulting in that section being populated. We also have a long standing historical interest in Ha´ti resulting in a robust Ha´ti section. It is our long term goal to list every country and issuing authority.



What is the source of the historical information being used on this website?

With each section, we try to list the links we use for historical information. In general, we use the CIA World Factbook for current world leaders, the World Statesmen website by Ben M. Cahoon for historical world leader/country structure information and occasionally Wikipedia for general country information. We also cross-reference, where needed, to further verify the information.



How accurate is the information on this site?

As stated previously, this website has been created by an individual and while we try to cross reference our information when possible and reasonable, errors can occur. We recommend visitors consider the information presented here as suspect when its use is for an important purpose.

We make no representation as to the accuracy, appropriateness or completeness of the information or images presented nor do we make any claim of warranty or fitness for use of the website for any purpose.



Do you recommend any paper money collector organizations?

We are members of the International Bank Note Society ( IBNS), the Latin American Paper Money Society (LANSA), and the Haitian Numismatic Society ( HNS) and recommend these organizations for your consideration. I was a member of American Numismatic Association ( ANA) until recently. I quit this important organization because they could not stop sending me commercial advertisements, a practice which I abhor.



I am a new or young collector. What do you recommend for me?

Congratulations, this is a great hobby where you can be challenged and learn a lot about our dynamic world - something I think can lead to a better understanding of all people, now at the 7 Billion level.

My first recommendation is to join a numismatic organization (see FAQ 14. above). Most have programs for young or new collectors. Secondly, consider buying a catalog for your area of interest. Then find a dealer or collector who can give you good advise. One dealer who makes a special effort to help young collectors is long time dealer, Arthur Morowitz of Champion Stamp & Banknotes. He is known, among other things, for giving excellent packets of banknotes free to young collectors at various shows.

If we can help or answer any questions for you, please feel free to write us.



What type of banknote images are of the most interest for this site?

We look for rare, unusual and local currency banknote images as well those that are from countries currently in the news.

We also de-prioritize images from countries that have restrictions on how their banknotes are displayed, such as Canada, Greece and Great Britain. In all cases we try to follow the published guidelines that countries provide in how they permit the display of their banknotes.



My question is not shown here.

Email us and we may be able to answer your question or you have comments, corrections or suggestions about this site.