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This display of banknotes is for educational, hobby and informational purposes and as such, no recognition or support for any group is implied or intended. This site is not affiliated with the United Nations or any other political organization. It is our choice as to which banknotes are displayed and we welcome suggestions and comments from visitors. Our long term goal is to have all banknotes from every issuing authority listed on this site.

We have recently been made aware of the political implications of displaying banknotes from certain entities and we will carefully consider this policy. We welcome comments on any banknotes displayed.

We make no representation as to the accuracy, appropriateness or completeness of the information or images presented nor do we make any claim of warranty or fitness for use of the website for any purpose.

2. FAIR USE: Images such as the country flag and others may be copyrighted by its holder. As well, it is known that the representation of certain such symbols is either copyrighted by the holder of the symbol, or is available under a free license. There may also be other restrictions on reproduction, including but not limited to article 6ter of the Paris Convention. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images of such symbols to support the illustration of the country qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.  

3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Many individuals have provided information and images for use on this site and we will credit those sources whenever they have provided their permission to do so. See 4.e) below.

4. SCANS: If you have banknote images to contribute to the site, please let us know first as we have many thousands of images not yet put on the numismondo.com site. We are currently looking for rare or unusual banknote images or specialists offerings of certain countries not well represented on the site. We do not buy, sell or trade banknotes.

When submitting images please use the following procedure:

If you submit a scan of a banknote or picture, please indicate the copyright information when applicable. We respect international copyright laws and will remove any content that violates these conventions. Please advise us of any images or content you believe to be in violation and it will be promptly investigated and removed if found in violation.

We occasionally get requests for scans and periodically provide them for non-commercial and commercial uses. Students and scholars are given priority consideration for image and information requests. See 5. below.



Scan banknotes at 300 dots per inch, full size and email a few at a time. If possible, use a black background as I add a black background or border and it would save me a lot of Photoshop time if this is done beforehand.


Save in .jpg format.


Please name the files beginning with the Numismondo ISO3 based code designation for each country or entity.

Use the following format for naming, i.e. using Cook Islands as an example:
cok P.9  $20 1992.jpg (for the front of the note)
cok P.9  $20 1992 r.jpg (for the back of the note)

Please do not use any punctuation, except in the catalog number

If the banknote is not listed in any recognized catalog, use P.UNL (not listed in Pick) or SB.UNL (not listed in Schwan Boling), etc. Write if you have questions.


Because of the large size of the scans, please send just a few at a time, preferably just the front and back of the same banknote.


We usually provide an acknowledgement of the contributor of images and information. Please let us know if you want us to include:


Just your initial, i.e. G.S.E.


Just your full name and any affiliation, i.e. Garry Saint, Esquire, IBNS


Just your email address - in which case we use a graphic to prevent search robots from automatically picking up your email address:


Your name and email. Garry Saint, Esquire, IBNS


No acknowledgement, in which case I usually say something like "image contributed by a collector"

5. USE OF SCANS FROM THIS SITE: We get many requests from students, scholars, collectors and others for use of our scans for various commercial and non-commercial purposes. In most cases we can comply with these requests. Please email us with your requests.
6. BANKNOTE IDENTIFICATION: If you have a banknote you want identified it is necessary that you send us a scan of the front and back. We charge $0.99 USD for each note payable by PayPal only. If we are not able to positively identify the note there will be no charge. We will also give you our retail price estimate, if possible.

All fees derived from this service are donated to our favorite charity; the Kakok Foundation

7. VALUE ESTIMATES: Value estimates, when given, are based on the authors experience and opinion. We are not dealers and do not buy or sell banknotes. See disclaimer 1. above. If you want to know if a particular banknote is current and exchangeable into another currency, we suggest you visit the Central Bank website of the country of issue to see if they indicate the banknotes status.

8. CATALOG REFERENCES: The catalog numbers most often used are from the following sources, with added links to Amazon for purchase:

          (N) - Numismondo (online catalog numbers)

          Standard Catalog  of World Paper Money,  Krause Publications 

                    (PS) - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - Vol.1: Specialized Issues)

                    (P) - Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money - Vol.2 General Issues 1368-1960

                    (P) - Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - Vol.3:Modern Issues 1961 - Present

          (SB) - World War II Remembered, Schwan, Boling 1st Edition

Other catalogs that may be of interest:

            Confederate States Paper Money: Civil War Currency from the South
by Arlie R. Slabaugh

            A Guide Book Of United States Paper Money: History, Grading and Prices (Official Red Book) by Arthur L. Friedburg

            Paper Money of the United States. A Complete Illustrated Guide with Valuations

            Standard Catalog Of United States Paper Money by Arthur L. Friedberg and Ira S. Friedberg

            The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money 2011, 43rd Edition by Thomas E. Hudgeons Jr.

            The Early Paper Money of America by Eric P. Newman

            Collecting Paper Money by Colin Narbeth (a world paper money pioneer)
          Other catalog references are indicated in specific sections when appropriate.

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10. COMMENTS: Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and gratefully accepted. Please let us know if you find inaccuracies or what your opinion is of any aspect of this website. We try to answer all enquiries promptly.

11. NEW CONTENT: If you'd like to be notified of new content, please send us your email address. 

12. PRIVACY: Your privacy is respected and we do not share or sell email addresses. We do not set "cookies". Our website statistics are collected for the purpose of optimizing site performance and to evaluate visitor preferences. If you agree to have your email or website address displayed on this site, we accept no responsibility for the consequences of such listings.

13. REMOVAL: To be removed,  just send an email or reply to our email notification with the words "REMOVE" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject or body and you will be promptly removed.  

14. LINK EXCHANGE:  We accept Free Ads from related Collectors and Dealers and normally only consider link exchange with hobby and information related sites.

15. MEMBERSHIP: We are members of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), the Latin American Paper Money Society (LANSA) and the Haitian Numismatic Society ( HNS) and recommend these organizations for your consideration.

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