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Micronation/Fantasy Money, 1976-78




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Ali Babu III

VOLCANIA, 1976-78 Issues


Internet inspired micronation, fantasy or political advertising note?
Banknote Printer: Unknown, lithographed

Banco Nacional de Volcania

N.1_P.UNL $50 Serie_1978
Portrait of S.M. Ali Babu III EL G.   DZ
N.1_P.UNL 500 Serie_1978 Back
Portrait of S.M. Ali Babu III EL G.  
Portrait of ?   DZ

N.3, P.UNL  $1,500.00 1978
Portrait of S.M. Ali Babu III EL G.

Back  10,000 1978
Portrait of S.M. Ali Babu III EL G.

Volcania $35,000  3.8.1977
N.4, P.UNL  $35,000 Dollars 3.8.1977
Portrait of S.M. Ali Babu III El G.

162 x 70 mm


Vulcano  7 Cents Postage Stamp 22.8.1976
Vulcano  7 Cents
Postage Stamp  22.8.1976

"Recruit 20 Men for Suicidal Action
Against Communism"
Volcania 7 Cents

Republica de Volcania POFI


Volcania appears to be an internet inspired micronation, however, this is speculation as no information about it is known to us. An image of another Volcania banknote, a $1,500.00/10,000 has been sent by a collector. Reportedly found in a plastic bag in the Miami area, the motif includes an outline of Cuba with the back indicating the date of 1978. 

The above $35,000 note was submitted by
Beate Rauch of World Wide Paper Collectibles.

This banknote appears to be a private anti-communist propaganda issue from "Volcania". The note has a curious combination of Egyptian motifs on the front with Spanish language text and an embedded postage stamp on the back. The back design also contains a triangular shaped design element with a volcano, the moon, stars, pyramids and the text "primero muerto que ficlavos", first died how...? There are also images of two
Egyptian cats and the signature of the President on the back. Egypt is believed to be the first country to have domesticated cats around 2000 BC.

The front design is much simpler and contains a portrait of Tutankhamen at left and Queen Nefertiti at right. In the center is a portrait of "S.M. Ali Babu III el G., mountains, the denomination $35,000 Dollars?, a serial number and  the "country" and bank names.

Colombian papermoney dealer, Yezid (Jessie) Acosta of
Notofilia.com provided the following translation and analysis: the inscription on the back says “1st Communiqué of War August 3, 1977 – I am making know to public knowledge the following statement. That every person or government that backups the international communism  that dominates Cuba we warn you that you will be judged for high treason and your sentence will be executed based on the consequences of casa de la moneda de la nacion" (the Volcania version of the federal reserve).

Jessie speculates that this note may have circulated in Angola when Cuba had its military stationed there. The postage stamp date coincides with the period when Cuban troops were in Angola but the banknote has a later date. 

A note similar to N.4 has been listed in Archives International Sale, AMERICAN BANK NOTE ARCHIVES AUCTION, PART VII with this description:

Lot 459  Republica De Volcania - Banco Nacional De Volcania Political Advertising Note. Cuba, 1977, $35,000, Republica De Volcania, Brown with no underprint, Photo of “S.M. Ali Babu III El G.” flanked by Egyptian royalty with S/N 7 0381; back gray-green with Volcania flag, small text describing information about the note and a facsimile of a 7ct. Volcania Stamp on the right with small text “Destruccio Del Comunismo” and printed under stamp “Recluta 20 Hombres Para Accion Suicida Contra El Comunismo”. Additional text on back that needs further research. Interesting Cuban Anti-Communism political ad note. VF Condition. Scarce.  Est. $125-250

Readers with information about this issue are encouraged to write us.

DZ   We gratefully acknowledge DZ for submitting these images..