MEXICO Paper Money,
1823 Issues




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Prez: José
de Michelena

1.5.1823 - 31.5.1823

Las Tesorerías de la Nacion, D.11.4.1823, 5.5.1823 Issues

United Mexican States

United MEX States 10.10 1824; MEX Rep. 1.1837

Las Tesorerías de la Nacíon
The Treasury of the Nation

P.4a  1 Peso 5.5.1823
* Not to scale, see comments below
* Not to scale, see comments below
P.5b 2 Pesos 5.5.1823 
* Not to scale, see comments below
* Not to scale, see comments below
P.6  10 Pesos Images Needed

Republic of Mexico - this series was issued by the Treasury of the Nation on cancelled Lent Authorization Documents which were dated 1818 and 1819.

They were issued on 5.5.1823 on this medium in an attempt to provide confidence in paper currency as the preceding Empire issues were not well received by the public.

These notes also proved to be not well received and were soon withdrawn from circulation.

* These notes are actually FOUR times the size of the Iturbide notes at 8.5" x 12"!!!! Even in Mexico not many have seen these notes. The catalogs do not convey the size thru images but have mm sizes.
They were actually printed on "expired" Lent Authorization Documents. IT IS that the notes notes were cancelled probably after being withdrawn from circulation. Like this note there is a CUT CANCEL in the lower left corner which can bee seen in this images. The Iturbide notes were cancelled in the same manner, a cut corner cancel. Some of the Revolutionary currency was cut cancelled. There have been other notes in the world cancelled with a cut corner and several were 
CUT OFF.   Comments gratefully provided by MWC.

We gratefully acknowledge MWC for providing information and images.