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Special Pensioners Currency, 1996 Issue


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Ви́ктор Миха́йлович Зи́мин
Viktor ZIMIN
15.1.2009 >

President Aleksei Iivanovich Lebed

Алексей Иванович Лебедь
Aleksei I. LEBED
9.1.1997 - 15.1.2009

Хакасия Республиказы KHAKASSIA Banknotes, 1996 Issue

 Российская Федерация

History: 862-1240 Kiev RUS; 1327 Moscow; 1721 RUS Empire; 1918 RSFR; 1922 USSR; 25.12.1991 RUS Federation; Printer: Sibznak TD Vostok, Krasnoyarsk (No Imprint)
Watermark: 5 Point Circular Design; Picture: Nikolay Fedorovich Katanov,
19th century numismatist & ethnographer at  right
Currency History: RUS currency 1769 >

.. Хакасия Республиказы
.. Republic of Khakassia

Пенсионеры валют
Pensioners Currency

N.1, P.UNL, R.5421p*  5,000 Rubles 1996
Low serial number found

N.1, P.UNL, R.5421p*  5,000 Rubles 1996
Serial number PX118007
Khakasiya P.UNL  5,000 Rubles 1996
N.1, P.UNL, R.5421p*  5,000 Rubles 1996

High serial number found


Khakassia is a republic in the Russian Federation located in south central Siberia with the capital at Abakan.  The majority of the population there are slavs, only a small minority are khakassy - people using a Turkic language. Prior to 1991 Khakassia was an autonomous oblast within the Krasnoyarsk Krai, USSR.  

The former president of the republic,
Aleksei Ivanovich Lebed, is the younger brother of the deceased Krasnoyarsk governor, Aleksandr Ivanovich Lebed, who died in a helicopter crash on April 29, 2002. Aleksandr was one of the most popular men in Russia and a strong candidate for President of Russia in 1996.

By the autumn of 1996 the government of Khakassia had accumulated huge debts with their pensioners. In this framework the Counsel of Ministers decided in September 1996 to issue special "pensioners" money in the form of 5,000 Ruble banknotes, referred to locally as "Katanovki". This creative program was designed by Liubov' Gennadievna Chernova, who was at the time the Head of the Khakassian Centre for the Payment of Pensions and Subsidies. It has been reported that Ms. Chernova chose the use of a portrait of
Nikolay Fedorovich Katanov for "technical reasons and to prevent counterfeiting." The text on the front of the note reads "obligatory to acceptance in specialized enterprises and organizations serving pensioners in the territory of the Republic of Khakassia".  In practice it meant that a pensioner could use them in special shops to buy foodstuffs, industrial goods and pay the household bills according to the local government. It should be noted that for many years pensioners in Russia (and before in the USSR) have been paid through the post offices.

While the Katanovki "surrogate coupons" were intended to be used only by the 135,000 pensioners, they apparently experienced circulation as a  local currency. The result of the Katanovki program, in spite of its deficiencies, was that by January 1997 the state debt was eliminated and no other denominations were issued. 

An interesting fact is that the person pictured at the right of the banknote face is Nikolay Fedorovich Katanov who was born on May 6, 1862 in Khakassia. Katanov was a famous 19th century ethnographer and numismatist who wrote and lectured extensively about this region. He studied coins from excavated hordes for clues to the history of the Turkic tribes. Katanov died on March 10, 1922 in Kzsan, Tatarstan. Khakassia is also bordered by thMisha Istomine Tuva Republic, which also issued its own currency in the past
Our thanks go to numismatist and writer
Mikhail "Misha" Istomin for the excellent background information he contributed to this article. Another of his articles we have available on this website is PAPER MONEY CATALOGUES USED BY RUSSIAN COLLECTORS.  Misha is a member of the International Bank Note Society and lives in the Ukraine. He has contributed a number of articles to the IBNS Journal and may be contacted at: istom@vlink.kharkov.ua 


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