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BAILIWICK OF JERSEY Banknotes, 1797 > Issues


History: 933 Normandy; 1204 English Fiefdom; 1279 Bailiwick of Jersey - GBR Crown Dependency
The first banknotes attributable to Jersey were the Private Banks/Church issues starting in 1797.
Currency History:
FRA currency used prior to 1834; 1797 Private Issues; GBR & JER currency now used in parallel.


1797s > Representative display, a total of 53 Private banks reportedly issued notes in Jersey with 48 below.


N.100 1 Pound 18xx Ann Street Bank
JERSEY, Bible Christian Church, 1872-74 S121 P.S121 1 Pound 1872-74 Bible Christian Church
JERSEY, Bible Christian Society, 1870's S126 P.S126 5 Pounds 1870's Bible Christian Society
N110 N.110 - N.112 1 Pound 18xx,
Channel Islands Bank,
Horman, AnthoineAhier & Le Gros & Co.
N120 N.120 1 Pound British 15.8.1835 LE COIN BANK
N124 N.124 1 Pound 18xx Country Bank Jersey
for Gibaut, Orange & Company
S136 P.S136 1 Pound 1830 The Esplanade
N150 N.150 1 Pound 1833-35 Franche Ville Bank, Jersey
N174 N.174 1 British Pound 8.1.1847 Grouville Union Bank
JERSEY, Hand-In-Hand Bank, 184x N200 N.200 - N.204 1 Shilling 3 Pence
2 Shillings 6 Pence
184x Hand-In-Hand Bank
JERSEY, International Bank, 1865 S161 P.S161 1 Pound 1865 International Bank
N210 N.210 1 Pound 6.7.1816 Jersey accomodation Bank
S166 P.S166 1 Pound 1835 Jersey Agricultural Assoc.,
Trinity Bank
N214 N.214 - N.219 1 - 5 Pounds
British Sterling
1857-64 Jersey Banking Company,
Banking Company
N220 P.220 1 Pound 18xx Jersey Caledonian Bank,
for Le Cornu, Le Gresley & Co.
N224 P.224 1 Pound
British Sterling
18xx Jersey Commercial Bank
for Janvrin Durell & Company
JERSEY, Jersey Deposit Bank, 1866 N228 N.228 1 Pound 1866 Jersey Deposit Bank
N230 N.230 1 Pound
British Sterling
ND Jersey Gas Light Company
N238 N.238 - N.239 1 Pound
British Sterling
1860-72 Jersey Joint Stock Bank
S208 P.S208 - P.S213 1 Pound
British Sterling
18xx Jersey Mercantile Union Bank
N250 N.250 - N.260 1 Pound
Bank of England Note
1813-74 Jersey Bank
N265 N.265 1 Pound British 1858 Jersey Union Bank
S226 P.S226 1 Pound 1866 Masonic Temple Company, Ltd.
N275 N.275 1 Pound British 18xx Mont-A-Labbe Bank
N.280 N.280 1 Pound,
1 Pound British Sterling
1834-39 Mont au Pretra Jersey Bank
N295 N.295 - P.S297 1 Pound 1797 - 18xx Old Bank, Jersey,
Godfray, Major & Godfray
S236 P.S236 - P.S241 1 Pound
British Sterling
1834 Town Vingtaine of St. Helier
S292 P.S292 1 Pound 1838 Vingtaine de Mont au Pretre
S301 P.S301 1 British Pound 1835-50 Wesleyan Methodist Country Chapels Bank
S306 P.S306,  N.300 1 Pound
British Sterling
1859-86 Parish of St. Brelade,
St. Brelade's Parish Bank
S308 P.S308 1 Pound 18xx St. Clement's Parish Bank
S311 P.S311 1 Pound 1835 Parish of St Helier
N320 N.320 - N.324
1 Pound Sterling 189x Parish of St. Peter
N340 N.340 1 Pound
British Sterling
ND Guaranteed by the Trustees of the
Primitive Methodist Trusts
N350 N.350 1 Pound 1813 St. Helier Provident Bank
S316 P.S316 1 Pound
1858 Town and Parish of St. Helier
S318 P.S318 1 Pound
British Sterling
183x St. John's Jersey.
S321 P.S321 1 Pound 18xx St. Martin's Parish Bank
S326 P.S326 - P.S328 1 Pound British 18xx St. Mary's Parochial Bank
S331 P.S331 1 Pound British 18xx St. Peter's Parochial Bank
N425 N.425 1 Pound 1883 St. Ouen's Bank
S336 P.S336 1 Pound 1828 St. Peter's Vallen Road
S346 P.S346 - N.430 1 Pound,
1 Pound British
1832 St. Savious's Bank,
St. Savious's Bank, Jersey
S350 P.S350 1 Pound 18xx
Parish of Trinity
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N435 N.435 1 Pound 1874 The Jersey States Committee for Harbours
N450 N.450,
1 Pound British 1833 Wesleyan Methodist Country Chapel Bank
JERSEY, 1840 A1 P.A1 5 Pounds
British Sterling
1840 The States of the Island of Jersey,
Jersey States Bond

Britische Kanalinseln
British Channel Islands

DEU WWII occupation of JER 1.7.1940 - 9.5.1945
JERSEY, 1941-42 1 P.! - P.6 6 Pence - 1 Pound 1941-45 States of Jersey


JERSEY, 1963-72 7 P.7 - P.10 10 Shillings - 10 1963-72 States of Jersey
JERSEY, 1976-88 11 P.11 - P.14 1 - 20 Pounds 1976-88 States of Jersey
JERSEY, 1989 15 P.15 - P.19 1 - 50 Pounds 1989 States of Jersey
JERSEY, 1993 20 P.20 - P.24 1 - 50 Pounds 1993 States of Jersey
JERSEY, 1995 25 P.25 1 Pound 1995 States of Jersey - Commemorative
JERSEY, 2000 26 P.26 - P.30 1 - 50 Pounds 2000 States of Jersey
JERSEY, 2000 31 P.31 1 Pound 1204-2004 States of Jersey - Commemorative
JERSEY, 2010 32 P.32 - P.36 1 - 50 Pounds 2010-18 States of Jersey - Etats de Jersey
37 P.37 100 Pounds 1952-2012 jer P.37 100 Pounds 2012
? New P.New When Issued ? States of Jersey
JERSEY, 1978 Collector Series CS1 P.CS1 1 - 20 Pounds 1978 States of Jersey - Collector Series

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In 1797 Hugh Godfray and Company, a wine merchant, opened Jersey's first bank, later called the Jersey Old Bank, and reportedsely issued 1 notes. No examples of the Hugh Godfray and Company banknotes have been found.

Due to the shortage of livre tournois coinage, private non-gouvernmnent individuals and companies issued a large number of low value notes. In 1813 Jersey required that notes had to have a minimum value of 1. Until 1831, a large number of bodies and individuals in Jersey issued their own banknotes.

  parishes of Jersey issued notes, as did the Vingtaine de la Ville. Legislation in 1831 attempted to regulate such issues by requiring note issuers to be backed by two guarantors, but the parishes and the Vingtaine de la Ville were exempted from the regulatory provisions.

Most of the notes were 1 pound denominations, although at least two 5 pound issue was made. These locally produced notes, which were often issued to fund public works, ceased to be issued after the 1890s.

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