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Local Currency, 1974 Issues


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Hutt River Province Prince Leonard

Chief of State,
Head of Government:
21.4.1970 - 2020

Printer: Local?
Substrate: Paper

Hutt Rive Principality Banknotes, 1st Issue ND(1974)


21.4.1970 Hutt River Principality formed as a micronation with Australia.

AUS currency in parallel with HUT currency 1974  >>

Hutt River Principality

Hutt River Province P.UNL  10 Cents 1970(1974)
N.1, P.UNL  10 Cents ND(1974)
Hutt River Province P.UNL  20 Cents 1970(1974)
N.2, P.UNL  20 Cents ND(1974)
Hutt River Province P.UNL  50 Cents 1970(1974)
N.3, P.UNL  50 Cents ND(1974)
Hutt River Province P.UNL  1 Dollar ND(1974)
N.4, P.UNL  1 Dollar ND(1974)
Hutt River Province P.UNL  2 Dollars 1970(1974)
N.5, P.UNL  2 Dollars ND(1974)


Hutt River Province(Principality) is one of the pre-internet inspired micronations. Located in Western Australia, it was founded on 21.4.1970 by wheat farmer, Leonard George Casley and others who seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia because of crushing changes to the government wheat quotas.

After becoming frustrated with the Western Australia government's inaction Casley found an obscure clause permitted under British common law to legally secede. The Australian government largely ignored Leonard, who proclaimed himself Prince. Since its founding Leonard claims to have granted citizenship to some 13,000 people from all over the world. Hutt River Province has been an active tourist destination as a result of Leonard's notoriety.

In 1973 Hutt issued its first postage stamps and in 1974 Prince Leonard issued a colorful set of five banknotes with his image and signature, shown above. Each banknote back has a different design theme, important in Hutt, ranging from boomerangs to farm tractors. Further capitalizing on many press articles about Hutt they began a collector coin program in 1976 and have issued over 200 different coins types to date, in aluminum, copper, brass, cupro-nickel and gold. More recently, Hutt began offering coins, stamps, banknotes and other memorabilia to the public, as well as citizenship/passports, via their new website (listed below).

Late Breaking News: Hutt River Province is Up For Sale

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