ANTIGUA & BARBUDA Commemoratives,
1981 - 88 Foil Issues




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ANTIGUA & BARBUDA Banknotes, 1981-88 Issues


History: 1493 ESP; 1632 GBR Crown Colony; 1833 LIS; 1956 GBR Colony;  1.11.1981 ATG
The first banknotes attributable to Antigua were issued in 1913.
Currency History: GBR currency <1938; ATU 1913; BCT 1950; ECS 1973 >

Antigua & Barbuda currently uses the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD).
See: Antigua, East Caribbean States & British Caribbean Territories for related issues

Government of Antigua & Barbuda

Independence Commemoratives - November 1981

P.CS1  30 Dollars 11.1981(1983)

12 different theme notes: Great Egret,Hibiscus; Yellow Elder, Hummingbird; Queen Angelfish; Caribbean Buckeye; Helmet, See Horse, Cone; Dolphins; Iguana; Brown Pelican; Jacaranda, Butterfly; Spiny Lobster; Red-billed Tropic Bird
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P.CS1  30 Dollars 11.1981(1984)

Queen Elizabeth II, Island Scene

Yellow Elder, Antillen Crested Hummingbird

Independence Commemorative Issues

P.CS2  30 Dollars ND(1984)

12 different theme notes: White-spotted Octopus; Humpback Whale; Qn.Conch, Triton Trumpet; Blue hooded Euphonia; Four-eye Butterfly fish; Coconut, Black Skimmer; Bananaquit, Banana tree; Queen of the Night Cactus; Sailfish; Magnificent; Black-Necked Stilt
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Independence Commemorative Issues

P.CS3  30 Dollars ND(1985)

10 different theme notes: Monarch Butterfly,Lantana; Qn.Tiggerfish, Sea Urchins; Mangrove Cuckoo; Mount.Dove, Tree of Life; Green Turtle, Goatfish
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Saga of Treasure Ships & Pirates Commemorative 1988

P.CS4  100 Dollars ND(1985)

30 different theme notes: J.Laffite's Pride; Royal Rover &King James; Kidd's Adventure Galley; T.Cocklyn's Bird Galley; F.Drake's Golden Hind; Major Bonnet's Sloop; Ch.Vane and Buck; Happy Delivery; Cassandra and Fancy; H.Avery's Gang-i-Saway; P.Heyn &Spanish Fleet; W.Taylor's Victory; A.Bonny &Halman's Sloop; Bartolomeo &Spanish ship; Black Bart's Royal Fortune; Queen Anne's Revenge; Black Joke &Morning Star; J.Rackam's Merchantman; Ch.Gibbs' Schooner Maria; H.Mainwaring &Resistance; E.Low's Brigantine; J.Fleury &ships of Cortez; T.Anstis's Brigantine; Easton's Fleet; F.L'Ollonois attacks; P.LeGrand &Admirals Ship; S.Bellamy's Whidah; Damppier Bachelor Delight.
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Antigua & Barbuda is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The above banknotes are made with 23 karat gold and .999 silver.

These notes are legal tender with an exchange rate as of 1/30/2013 at $37.03 USD each for the $100.00 XCD denomination.

Limited to a striking of 20,000 - 25,000 sets WorldWide, originally minted beginning in 1988. The tall ship that is struck on the banknote is a original art commissioned exclusively for this collection. The art work that appears on the Notes were created by Alan D'Estrehan.

The 1985 collection of artwork that depicts each pirate ship minted on each banknote was comissioned by Alan D'Estrehan, one of the world's foremost marine artists at the time of issue. The captivating stories that accompany each piece of gold & silver artwork were penned by Canadian historian and author, Christopher Moore.