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LANSA is trying to come out of a coma and anxiously seeking a new webmaster. One individual has expressed interest but has not followed-thru. Since its hibernation, President Art Matz has continued to try to keep the organization afloat. And Author-Numismatist Miguel Chirinos has continued to write and publish his Latin American articles.

Here's his latest catalogue of articles:

CLICKNumismondo,   our gallery site, just reached another important milestone - 15,525 banknotes from 384  "countries" in 6387 pages displayed! A special thanks to Beate Rauch of APC Paper Collectables  for her help and  encouragement over the past decade.

Numismondo has in recent times begun to comment on political happenings in the world, particularly when it comes to corruption, human trafficking and slavery. Developing countries continue to struggle with endemic corruption and power struggles with refugees becoming dominant in the daily news. Government and business corruption is common in the developing world, while "legal corruption" is pervasive in the developed world. We vote for the common person.

As an example, in a recent article,
Gabon's President, Ali Ben BONGO Ondimba announced that he will be giving away some of his inherited wealth from his father El Hadj Omar BONGO. BONGO stated he will setup a foundation to benefit the youth of his country as well as house a university in one of his family homes in Libreville. In a national address he said "in my eyes we are all heirs of Omar Bongo and no Gabonese must be left by the side of the road."

Sounds good but
the truth is President BONGO faces a difficult election next year and critics say these purported giveaways are to bolster his chances and to finally get his father's estate distributed. France has continued this long-running investigation into his father's allegedly "ill-gotten gains". In a country with an unusually high per capita GDP of $14,600 but an unemployment rate of 27% and a 32% poverty rate, a lot of work remains to be done for the people of Gabon. If, however, BONGO actually gives the properties back to the country, that would be a good gesture regardless of the reasons. Then again, wouldn't it be great if all "ill-gotten gains" are returned to the people of GABON!    

Numismondo  also offers Free Ads to collectors and dealers, with periodic dealer lists and collector articles when submitted.

The site has been non-commercial since it's inception in 1999 and recently began accepting donations to help with hosting expenses. As a wonderful gesture, a long time  dealer recently made a great donation which will more than cover our hosting expenses for 2016! Thank you so much as we really appreciate that kindness and support for the many long hours of our efforts, a labour of love,  over the past
decade! In addition to a learning adventure about world history and the world today, numismatics has given me the opportunity to make many good friends throughout the world.  GSE 4.4.2016

Membership in LANSA is free. We sincerely thank all who wish to donate to support LANSA and the hobby. Please write Art Matz if you would like to support LANSA or wish to comment on the future of the organization.

If you would care to help LANSA or if you would like to be considered for the position of the permanent webmaster, please contact Art Matz.


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