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Saravanan's Stamps, Coins, & Banknotes - Chennai, India


Here's the Type of Banknotes We Have

Brunei P.22  1 Ringgit 2007 polymer


Cayman Islands P.33 1 Dollar 2006 *not a Specimen


Paraguay P.228  2,000 Guaranis 2008 polymer


Sri Lanka Set 2010

Sri Lanka Set

Vietnam P.119  10,000 Dong ND(2009) polymer


required by Government to display
About Me: Iím Saravanan. I was born and brought up in Chennai, South India.
About Collection:  I started collecting stamps in 1987 and a year after that, Coins and Banknotes. There were no internet facilities available to Once connected to the internet my network started growing and I was introduced to collectors throughout the world and my collection was ever at that time, so, my collection grew very slowly but steadily.
About Store: I was fortunate to have accumulated surplus stamps, coins and banknotes, so I started selling my items in public forums, eBay, etc. but I always had a dream about owning my own web store and in 2013 it happened



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