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 Nauru Banknotes = Australian Dollars (AUD$)

 Republic of Nauru

History: DEU Protectorate 1887;  DEU Marshall Is.1888;  PNG 1906; AUS 1914; GBR 1914-21; UNN 1920; JPN 1942-45; UNN 1947; Republic of  Nauru 31.1.1968     

Currency History:
 DEU currency 1887-93; PNG 1906-14; AUS-GBR 1914-21; AUS 1921 >

Nauru uses the Australian Dollar as its currency.
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Nauru was an UN Trust Territory administrated by Australia until it became independent on 31.1.1968.

A very small South Pacific island country (21 KM2), it recently took the step of recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia's independence. It apparently received aid of $50M from Russia for these actions.

In 2002 it severed relations with Taiwan in favor of China. According to the US State department, Nauru received a promise of $130M in aid from China for this action. In 2005 it switched its allegiance back to Taiwan when it received a bailout of Air Nauru from bankruptcy.

During the 1960's and 70's it enjoyed the highest per capita income in the world, mainly due to its phosphate exports. In 1999 it had a per capita income of around $3,450 for each of it's 11,500 inhabitants.

Nauru has also been known as Pleasant Island.  It remains a nation where laughter rings out in the most unlikely places. Visitors to the island agree - they are very hospitable people and it is impossible to walk more than ten meters without being offered a lift.

The flood of asylum seekers is seemingly unquenchable and Nauru seems to be the buffer zone in Australia's Pacific solution to its refugee problems. Many Nauruans however seem less concerned with the economics involved than with the dimension of human suffering. They have donated piles of used clothes, hats and toys, and a number of families have asked asylum seekers to lunch. Nauru is one of the most hospitable nations in the Pacific.

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